Istanbul will be hosting for UNESCO summit.

Istanbul will be hosting for UNESCO summit.

Istanbul will be hosting annual UNESCO’S Creative Cities Network summit.

Istanbul was chosen as a host city by 180 members with a theme of “Cities In Line With Future” determined.

Istanbul which is a city of Turkey that connects the continents, became a candidate for UNESCO’s enterprise that gathered the cities with different income levels, capacity and population from every other regions titled Creative Cities Network Summit. The concept is shaped around 7 themes for Creative Cities Network, in principal of the project such as literature, films, music, crafts, public arts, design, gastronomy and media arts. Istanbul was included in the network with the theme of “design” for 2017.

Housed by different city each year, it is very important that Istanbul is a candidate for this annual summit for 2021. The network had 180 cities for 2019 and presumed to be growing rapidly until 2021. These summits with at least 3 representation for each city, play an imperative role in international affairs of the nations. It is aimed to relay country experiences, initiate new partnerships in between and focus on new plans and projects alike.