The purpose of the Association

ISTTA will be representing all parties that are in relation with tourism industry, against all official public corporations. ISTTA has been established for the sole purpose of implementing the tourism policies in light of Turkey’s development and expanding plans as per the members’ sectors of interest on national and international platforms and that to follow up and execute upon the work plans prepared along with local authorities and civilian public organizations, in other words, following up on the subject matters that are in approval by the political authorities ensuring their implementation.

ISTTA’s main objective is to review the political developments that effect tourism industry and analyse them on national and international levels.

ISTTA, via collecting data through its original resource, makes sure to inform all the members in case of upcoming political developments that would affect their sectorial benefits. 

ISTTA, relays the concerns of its members to the Turkish official authorities, bodies or their representatives when and if Tourism industry interest is jeopardized.

In line with that fact, ISTTA, contributes to the industry by taking its place in all debate platforms and produce all the sectorial related data to Turkish government establishments. 

While achieving its goals, ISTTA would be in close contact with all vocational groups related with the industry and this dialog would allow all the counterparts to contribute into the process of creating industry related policies and organize a mutual opinion in regards to consensus of all that involved and their stakes.