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The biggest organization when it comes to the matter of Halal, 6th Halal Expo and World Halal Summit was recorded with the support of ISTTA. The summit was attended by 350 companies from 26 countries with 40 thousand visitors from 80 countries in many sectors such as halal food, finance, tourism, cosmetics, medical, chemistry, machinery, Islamic way of life and textile

The event hosted many competitions such as 1st Islamic Countries Chefs Contest, ISMEK Cooks Are Competing and Tastes without obstacles. Awards were presented to the winning participants in cooking, hygiene, waste management, presentation evaluation by the jury.

The British Muslim singer and arranger Yusuf Islam was also a spokesman at the summit.

After his speech, he was given World Halal Summit Peace Award and he got together with his fans, signing on his book titled Why Still Carry my Guitar.